Family Success Life Coach
"An Alternative to Counseling"
Family Success Life Coach
"An Alternative to Counseling"


Welcome to Idaho Success Center!

We provide life coaching and mentoring programs for adults, couples, teenagers, and children. Learn positive skills to lead a happier and more fulfilling life! Life Coaching is a great alternative to counseling for non mental illness issues.

Our perception as a child is so interesting! What is real and what is perceived makes a difference in our lives. A small thought or even a moment of time could lead to the idea that spitting, instead of love, is what marriage is all about! It could take a whole lifetime to find out where that limiting belief came from. As a counselor and life coach, I counsel people in overcoming small incidents that could have taken a lifetime to correct.


Mission Statement

Helping people “Be what they want to BECOME!” is very important at Idaho Success Center!

Help for you with individual coaching, relationship mentoring, group family skills education, and parenting skills are available to you. Children and teens are very open to this form of Life Coaching and can turn their lives around quickly, when they decide to give it a try.

Helping you figure out what the best solution may be in your situation is the main goal here at Idaho Success Center!

Once you understand what is causing your problems and how to best deal with those issues, you can move forward and upward to a happier new life!

Call today for your FREE CONSULTATION! There is no obligation with this 90 minute consultation!

Healing doesn’t mean the PAIN never happened!

Healing means the pain “NO LONGER CONTROLS” your life!

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Individual coaching from Idaho Success Center will help with general life problems and help raise self-esteem. Lois has extensive knowledge working with Families, Teenagers and Children. Once you understand what’s causing your problems and why you struggle, you will learn how to cope with them and lead a better life. At Idaho Success Center you will receive valuable mentoring and life coaching to help cope with the myriad of emotions you may be experiencing.

Lois, a well-trained and certified Professional Life Coach has dealt with her issues and has learned how to help others. Sharing your problems with someone who has had similar issues can often bring more value because there is empathy and experience. Clients can find courage and face the truth so they can begin their lives anew.

Lois has found solutions to many of life’s problems without the need of counseling and she is ready to help you!

When you need help and feel a life coach instead of counseling is the best path for you, call Idaho Success Center to make an initial appointment with free consultation, today!

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