Family Success Life Coach
"An Alternative to Counseling"
Family Success Life Coach
"An Alternative to Counseling"

Teen and Youth Mentoring

sad-teenage-girlAn Alternative to Teen Counseling

Being a teenager is often a very confusing time in life. Many teens seem to glide through easily, while others find anger, sadness and frustrations. Often a difference of opinion in family rules cause a fair amount of problems. Teen counseling and coaching can help!

Sometimes, having a life coach or mentor, is all that is needed to find solutions to problems that seem overwhelming.

By utilizing her studies and research in different methods of helping teenagers, new solutions are easy to find with her help in your life.

Many teens have found it very easy to talk with Lois. She is understanding, and won’t judge you, as she works through issues that are happening in your life.

Much of her teen counseling and mentoring is truly listening to you, and helping you to see what may not have been seen before. Some solutions are easy to find and others take weeks of practicing what is discovered, in order to find happiness again.

Teens today face issues in so many different areas? At school, home, divorced families, jobs, bully’s, friends, dating , fears, sports, sibling rivalries, put downs, boredom, addictions to electronics, and much more!

Having someone to talk to, who will not judge them for their problems, is a huge relief and help. Just knowing someone who wants to help you move forward in happiness and with hope, is awesome.

Please call today! A FREE CONSULTATION is available and you can see if you and Lois are a good fit for each other. There are no obligations to come back!


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