Family Success Life Coach
"An Alternative to Counseling"
Family Success Life Coach
"An Alternative to Counseling"

Testimonials from Life Coaching

teen-girl-in-fieldWhen I decided to come here it was the right decision to make I learned so much about how to stay positive and find the good in bad situations I was able to move past tough challenges and obstacles with ease and set high goals and standards for myself I found new and fun things to do that I would have never done before I was able to change my attitude from negative to positive and find happiness that I could hold onto in my life.

B.P. – Teenager in Idaho Falls

Lois has been extremely helpful in helping me find some answers and realize things that I never thought to ask. She has a roadmap in place to create or improve goals, and a roadmap on how to carry it out. I would recommend Lois to anybody that is wishing to improve their life, or just current situation.

W.J.B. – Couple in Idaho Falls

happy-coupleLois thank you so much for all you have done to help us out! We would be lost without the guide and encouragement that you have given us! Thank you so much for making such a big difference in our lives! Keep up the good work!

C and J – Parents in Idaho Falls

Good news alert:. I have to write and let you know my husband took Monday off and he actually spent the whole day cleaning with me!!!!!!!!. And he’s been helping more when he’s home with the kids and me, last night he had me lay down with the baby cause I was exhausted from emotional kids after school and he cleaned the whole kitchen that I was going to do this morning and left a sweet note for me!!!. I feel like we are more of a team now!. Like he WANTS to help raise our kids and have a nice looking home!. He’s being the man I’ve always envisioned him to be!! This man is what I was fighting for!! I knew his potential and he’s now living it!!! I’m so very grateful I met you and then decided to get some help for us!!. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was needing help with at first, but I’m so glad we agreed to work on us, cause we are important!!!. I love him so much and I’m glad he’s listening and doing things that I always knew he was capable of!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Wife in Idaho Falls


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