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"An Alternative to Counseling"
Family Success Life Coach
"An Alternative to Counseling"

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An Alternative to Adult Counseling

Are you having issues that seem to have appeared from nowhere? Is it overwhelming or consuming your time and energy? Are you having a hard time seeing a way out of a situation? Have you considered adult counseling? Could you use someone to help you search for solutions that will make sense to you, that you know you can live with? Allowing the limiting belief to become less of a problem, is attainable, with Lois as your Counselor / Life Coach! Lois has had many years of experience in adult counseling and life coaching.

At one time in my life, issues crushed in all around me. I felt there was no way out and I couldn’t see a solution. I felt trapped, confused, and oh so sad! I went to Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. They were so expensive that I just couldn’t afford to continue to go to them. Tears were constantly just at the corners of my eyes. My good friends loved me, listened to me and offered their counsel. My other friends just slipped away. My family didn’t know how to help and my issues were hard for them too. I felt alone, sad and confused.

I met a Life Coach and Counselor who really helped me. He gave me wonderful adult counseling tools to use, that gave me a way to see optional possibilities and many of them really worked!

I found peace and security, as I worked through the anger, sadness, confusion and foggy brain issues that were plaguing me.

I began studying Life Coaching and Adult Counseling tools. I love helping others as they begin to see the limiting beliefs they could not find before!

Call today! I offer a FREE CONSULTATION where you and I can discuss your current issues. We can decide if we are a good fit, and set up your appointments! Most of my clients have found solutions within two to three months! That is AWESOME!

You’re Not Alone

I am a recovering mess! I have experienced many trials and hard experiences. My heart seemed to have broken and I was unable to find answers on my own.

I have found relief from my “mess” through the use of Counseling, a Life Coach and Mentor. I have been so blessed to have had his help!

I began studying Life Coaching and Mentoring in 2012. I attended and certified in every Seminar and class that was available to me through 3 Keys Elements, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have studied with Higher Laws in St. George, Utah, and I am currently studying with Mind Movies, and Limitless.

I have certified in counseling parents with traumatized children.

I love learning all the newest tools that are out there, and I find that helping others overcome their personal limiting beliefs and issues is a lifetime fulfillment for me.

Please call today!

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